MAD Metascientists: The Evolving play to earn Game Giving NFT’s a Life of Their Own

MAD Metascientists
4 min readOct 29, 2021


Evolution is considered the change in characteristics of a species over several generations. Right now… You’re standing on the precipice of humanity’s artistic and cultural evolution. NFTs are changing how we think about creativity, ownership, and even our relationships with the places we visit and the people we engage with. This is what MAD Metascientists is based on, evolution — MAD Metascientists is the evolution of NFT gaming.

So, what exactly is MAD Metascientists?

MAD Metascientists is the first of its kind, a play-to-earn game where NFTs are living, breathing digital organisms that adopt new characteristics over time based on hundreds of characteristics, and all dependent on player input.

Players can spawn brand new NFTs through gameplay as well as using ERC-20, ERC-1155 & ERC-721 tokens to enhance their gameplay, increase the value of their in-game assets and improve their chances of winning crypto and unique collectibles.

MAD Metascientists is founded on the concept of evolution, so just as we’re all experiencing the evolution of the metaverse in real-time, your in-game assets and the in-game environment will evolve. We’re partnered with a top gaming studio and a host of artists and sponsors to continue the evolution of MAD Metascientists beyond collectibles and into an expanding gaming universe.

How does it work?

Players will be able to collect their MAD Metascientist during the Genesis Drop; an at-market auction allowing you, the players, to determine the value of these Scientists. After the Genesis drop, Players with a Scientist will be able to visit “The Lab”, our very own hub and dashboard for players inside the MAD Metaverse. From here, Scientists will need to scour the environment in order to locate and harvest MDMAfuel, the last remaining energy source available and the only thing capable of creating and sustaining life in the MAD Metaverse. With enough MDMAfuel, Scientists can begin to work towards creating the most powerful entities inside the game… the MAD Metacells. It takes a significant amount of energy for a Scientist to create a Metacel so it’s likely there will only ever be one MAD Metacell per Scientist, making them considerably rare.

With every Generation (every certain block on the Ethereum network) that passes, the Metacells have a chance to evolve and change one of hundreds of traits. Alternatively, the Metacell may spawn a Nanocell, a 3rd playable entity within the MAD Metaverse that’s capable of hacking and battling and is highly proficient at locating and harvesting MDMAfuel. The Nanocells can be leveled up through play to make them more powerful or they can be used in the lab to make the Metacell even more powerful. Players are also able to buy, sell and trade their Cells in the marketplace to advance their gameplay and improve their chances in the MAD Metaverse.

Whilst MDMAfuel is the main energy source in the game it’s also available in a few chemical compounds known as ERC-20, ERC-1155 & ERC-721. Scientists can cause a “Chain reaction” when adding a third-party collectible (like a CryptoPunk) to the Petri Dish in their lab. Chain reactions can be used in an attempt to speed up the evolution of a Cell, and will usually result in a newly-mutated version of the third-party collectible being spawned… Imagine creating your own mutant CryptoPunk Cell in the lab!

So, what can I win?

While many play-to-earn games make bold claims about what you can earn, you’ll usually only get value when the community grows. MAD Metascientists lets players win straight away with three possible ways to succeed; you can generate new, unique collectibles and NFTs, each with their own rarity and value, you can also compete to win airdropped collectibles from some of the best digital artists in the crypto space, or win token and coin rewards for your in-game efforts. The more you explore the MAD Metaverse and spend time in the Lab, the better your chances of winning battles against other players, finding MDMAfuel, and increasing the value of your in-game assets.

Join our community

MAD Metascientists is starting soon with the Genesis drop… You can mint one of only 10,000 unique MAD Metascientists and get started exploring the metaverse from the second you own your Scientist. Play from Genesis to begin your collecting MDMAfuel, get a head-start on generating a new, powerful NFT in the Metacells… and set yourself up for winning rewards!







MAD Metascientists

10,200 Mad MetaScientists, randomized evolutionary outcomes, and a collaborative Metaverse for all #NFTs and Cryptos.