Introducing the LOOT Campaign (but first some transparency)



  • We made some marketing mistakes
  • We crafted some new strategies to build organic traction
  • As part of that, we are introducing our LOOT Campaign where we are giving away 1x Metacell + $500 worth of $BIOMETA to :
    1) Active members of our MAD Spaces
    2) Active community members on NFT Twitter
    3) Users from our MAD Whitelist

Before we introduce the Loot Campaign, let’s go back.

Since day one, MAD Metaverse has committed to both innovating and experimenting within the Web 3.0 space with an overall goal to add value to our crypto community.

We believe we have achieved that as showcased in what we have built to date.

True to the theme of MAD scientists, we will experiment and innovate wherever we can. This thesis expands beyond just our product development. We’re also committed to this within our business processes as well.

As far as we are concerned we have one of the coolest projects in the space. MAD is innovative, it’s fun and it will feature a seriously interactive yield-generating game. Better still, we went and built the thing, a full-fledged ecosystem of assets with an entire gaming interface!

Maybe we’re assuming too much, and if so, fine, we love it and we hope the market will too. That’s all we can hope for really. Ok, we have a good product, so with marketing, the natural assumption is that all we needed was eyes on the project.

Experiment no.1

The first “problem” is that we had some capital. So like most companies with a bit of capital, we just threw money at it and assumed it would stick. We tried some early promotions with “NFT influencers”. They tweeted and BOOM, a horde of likes, retweets and comments would arrive. We had posts with hundreds of people commenting. One of the guys we paid boosted our telegram room with 50,000 people. We were stoked! What was even cooler was it seemed they all found consensus and thousands of ‘people’ all agreed we had an amazing project.

Lol. What a mess!

As you could imagine, this was a frustrating experiment as it yielded next to nothing in terms of genuinely interested users and it left our socials looking a little… suspect. Basically: wen RUG? It was also costly as we poured in quite a bit of capital to really kick off with a bang. Safe to say we were pissed.

Cue experiment no. 2.

Let’s work with some popular NFT influencers and Instagram pages. We reached out to around 20 and not a single one even viewed our message in the DMs. We finally got into a popular NFT page and they charged us an insane amount for a couple of posts or so. The posts were terrible too. The engagement was real this time and we received some followers but they later started just running all sorts of bad promos and were soon shut down. We lost the exposure and their credibility was worthless now anyway.

We spoke with more influencers. Some leads were promising. A few KOLs offered to “introduce us to their network” and endorse us to their audience. All they wanted was 15% of the mint… is THAT ALL BRO??? As enticing as that offer was, we decided to pass.

Nonetheless, we are constantly searching for individuals with personal brands or followings that want to be a part of our project. We just don’t to have mercenaries. Influencers can really be impactful for both the community and the projects but we only wish to work with the ones that understand the potential and value of what we’re building.

Cue experiment no. 3. — Honorary NFTs

Here we decided to try something a little different. For starters — we asked ourselves the following:

  • Who is the NFT community?
  • Where would we find these people?
  • What criteria do we apply to define them as genuine NFT community members?
  • How do we separate the grifters?
  • How do we separate the bots and engagement farmers?

Well, we decided to put our ears to the ground and listen. We started on Crypto Twitter and began to compile a database. We started at the top of the food chain, the logic being that they have the most followers so they’ll get us the most exposure. We looked at the market KOLs, the genuine thought leaders and builders. We put these people into a category called: The Innovators.

We then looked at all the influencers that have been around for years and who have continually provided valuable content, have helped others navigate the space and maybe even churn a profit. We put these people in a category called: The Elevators.

We then created some very special custom MAD Metascientists (Honorary NFTs) to each of these innovators and elevators. These scientists are a representation of the MAD Metaverse and our Stage 3 rollout, where the Metaverse comes to life and transitions to a 3D environment. You can check an example of these custom MAD Metascientists here.

So Custom Scientists were done and we were ready to post. Here we go baby! Game time!

So we started with the Innovators. After posting about 20 of them, not a single innovator responded to us. Not just a failed experiment but a very expensive one too. Were we shadowbanned? Nope. Was this the bear market vibes? Did no one give a shit? Was it just us? Or do people just prefer basic static artwork that costs about $2 a pop?

Although we were a little demoralised we are still going to continue to fire out the Custom Scientists/HonoraryNFTs to the ‘Elevators’ and ‘Innovators’ of the space. It will be interesting to see if the gift induces a response… to be continued.

Cue Experiment no 4. — The Loot Campaign


We decided to go back to revisit our assumptions to see what went wrong. Back to the start, a simple question: Who is ‘the community?” We asked again and set the same criteria.

We thought long and hard and realised the error in our assumptions. The community isn’t a couple of hundred influencers with large followings. ‘The community’… is you.

The crypto/NFT community is made up of millions of people like you or me. We don’t post a bunch of clever memes, may not be particularly skilled at technical analysis and likely can’t afford a BAYC, PUNK or even a MAYC. We don’t get invited to the cool crypto parties and we don’t get thousands of likes on each of our thoughts. We’re just dudes and ladies trying to make it.

So cool, now that we know the community is you and me, where do we hang? The answer is Twitter Spaces.

The real, active and enthusiastic members of the community are actively participating. They’re getting involved, finding alpha, trying to mitigate the downside, and staying educated and informed with the latest. These are the real community members who are here to stay.

So we started databasing everyone in all the related Twitter Spaces rooms. Those who were engaging or laughing or sharing, basically interacting in any form. We then databased that against their actual account and we start seeing a bunch of patterns. The community, the real community, is very similar and very like-minded.

It’s reassuring because this journey can feel quite lonely. It’s just you, your money and sweat on the line but what we’ve come to realise is that we are all in this together. Together we can laugh at our own pain as well as share optimistic outlooks on the future of crypto (even in the most bearish of markets): THAT’s a Community.

So yeah, I guess you could say we have found our demographic of degens. The crew we feel most at home with. OUR fam!

So once you’ve found your target fam, what does a project do? You get them to spend money with you right? Get their money!!!



For us, we’re thinking long-term. You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive and most NFT whitelists are the same price as most people’s first car.

Unfortunately, most projects that talk a big game on being ‘community first’, will charge their community admission fees… and that’s before giving them anything of value or even demonstrating that their community has any value. I guess they thought community first meant, first you pay.

It’s funny but most of these community first projects just pay $15k to create 10k shitty PFPs with zero utility. All it has is the founder talking about “community first, utility later”. It’s all bullshit. A community-first enterprise wouldn’t charge their community admission fees for anything in return.

At MAD, we’re doing everything differently. So now that we have found our fellow degens — we’re not charging them a dime. The MAD Metaverse policy is: Take us for a test drive first and keep the car whether you like it or not.


Well, we’re giving our community 1x Metacell and $500 worth of $BIOMETA (our ERC20 token game currency).

Introducing the LOOT Campaign.

Example of 4 hand-picked profiles from NFT Twitter.

We started this giveaway just recently and some reactions were… funny. The market is so negative and people are so pessimistic that a couple of individuals got mad and said we must be a scam because… we are giving people free NFTs and tokens. Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t right? It’s just a gift bro…

We can’t please everyone, so why would we bother trying? The way we see it, find your ride-or-die group and look after them the best you can.

This seems to be working so far. We are starting to see an uptick in engagement and more support. We think we’ve finally found our stride, it’s scalable and it seems to be working for us.

With all of that being said,

Come get your LOOT!

As part of the LOOT Campaign we will be giving away 1x Metacell and $500 worth of $BIOMETA to:

1) Individuals that join our MAD Spaces, ask thoughtful questions and engage with us (we will handpick the best)

2) Active community on NFT Twitter (individuals that join Spaces, post about NFTs, etc

3) Handpicked members from MAD Whitelist

Additionally, winners will be able to refer 5 people to also receive a LOOT Bag.


P.S.: Hopefully, this marketing crash course helps other people. Building real communities isn’t easy, and it takes time.

If you want to work with us, give us a bell, we’d love to chat, connect and do some cool shit together.

As a final note for other projects in the space: Figure out who your crew is and where they hang. Make friends and then make damn sure they know your number one priority is them.



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