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MAD Metascientists
4 min readDec 6, 2022


The Play-to-Earn (P2E) model is the next shift in the gaming industry! Companies and projects alike are going to be shifting to this model and we will start to see a new gaming environment emerge. For example, Blankos Block Party is a popular P2E game that allows you to play in a party mode with others where you can earn NFTs and sell them on their marketplace. This game was recently added to the Epic Games store and is one of the first Web3 games on their platform.

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Early gaming projects had the same misconception that the underlying tech within the game (blockchain, NFTs, etc) was more important than the actual product. This resulted in a replicated game model which did not catch on in a market that is heavily reliant on original entertainment and experiences.

As the primary utility of the game was to earn, once the earning component had eroded players had no reason to play the game anymore. The game needs to be built for gamers, and gamers aren’t NFT traders.

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Completely original animation and audio, these MAD Metascientist NFTs bridge the use of DeFi tools in a new immersive environment that transitions old traditional investing into something completely new and engaging that is also user-friendly. Serving both trader and gamer alike by fully encompassing the proper play-to-earn model.

MAD Metascientists are a new class of NFTs that break away from your traditional static 2D NFT into a 3D, high-quality, walkable character with its own original sound.

These characters are the MAD Metaverse’s primary protagonists with an in-game objective: to farm enough energy (known as $BIOMETA) to sustain their unlimited creative abilities and desires.

The Lab is where your MAD Metascientist will create, evolve and develop bio digital superorganisms. This allows the user to become a god-like architect within the MAD Metaverse. With the help of $BIOMETA, MAD Metascientists are able to shape and evolve the world around them in order to meet their ambitious, scientific endeavors.

What does the idea of evolution really carry for MAD Metascientists?

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1. Stimulate the NFT to evolve and change the metadata which will customize the rarity of the NFT

2. Adjust your NFT to help you take on challenges in-game or by other players and earn more $BIOMETA

3. Performing these tasks will increase your NFTs performance as well as their own rarity

There will only be 10,200 unique MAD Metascientists EVER. Each scientist is unique and has differing qualities and skill sets that will develop over time.


The MAD Metascientist mint is the first step in this process. The minting process involves customizing your scientist from the inside! Their characteristics include:

  • Scientific fields
  • Personality disorders
  • Psychological forces
  • Vices
  • Magnitude of stress

This will be the first step to building a complete 1/1 MAD Metascientist.

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$Biometa, Metacells, and Lore

MAD MetaScientists are the most remarkable intellectual minds. These Metascientists are in pursuit of evolution and the creation of artificial life. A scientist’s goal is to ‘play god’ as they are the creators of everything in the MAD Metaverse.

The environment that is wrapped around them is known as the MAD Metaverse is a realm within realms, a metaverse within metaverses; a place for exploration, and a habitat rich in a rare resource known as $BIOMETA to fuel their endeavors.

MAD Metascientists are the only entities in the Metaverse with the intellect and creativity to create a Metacell. It takes tremendous amounts of energy and unmatched intelligence to create a Metacell.

To amass this resource as efficiently as possible they create super-organisms known as Metacells to source this fuel throughout the MAD Metaverse.

MAD Metascientists are the only entities in the Metaverse with the intellect and creativity to create a Metacell. It takes tremendous amounts of energy and unmatched intelligence to create a Metacell.

Metacells feed on $BIOMETA which is what makes them so effective at sourcing and harvesting this precious resource in sufficient quantities. Like all living organisms, they have a natural will to survive as well as aspirations to evolve.

Their constant evolution will eventually lead to the breaking of chains from their Scientists and will spark an inevitable conflict between the Metacells and Metascientists.


MAD Metaverse plans on taking the P2E industry to new heights! While there is always room for improvements along the way accompanied by the ever-changing dynamic Web3 space MAD Metaverse is offering a unique minting and gaming experience that players can easily join our ecosystem at all stages in the game.

We hope to see you in the MAD Metaverse!



MAD Metascientists

10,200 Mad MetaScientists, randomized evolutionary outcomes, and a collaborative Metaverse for all #NFTs and Cryptos.