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MAD Metascientists
4 min readDec 8, 2022

The benefits of being a holder at MAD

Randomness on the blockchain

In recent years technology has come a long way, and engineers have had the same questions about randomness, and now with blockchain technology we can get closer to a random probability, this has been notable with MAD Metaverse. The team has created an ecosystem and character creation process that utilizes the Ethereum blockchain and external oracles, producing almost completely random playable NFTs that offer players a chance to define their own unique resemblance within an expansive and comprehensive Metaverse, achieving some of the most exciting in-game that has not been shown before!

So where does that leave us where gaming in particular is concerned? Is this lack of randomness the reason why we don’t feel like we have a unique identity within our favorite RPGs and MMOs? When a large percentage of players all look, move, and obtain the same items, is there truly a character creation section in some of these AAA studio games? So what can be done to improve and achieve the most random results and potentially add a sense of identity to these games?

Evolution at MAD

One of the primary pillars in the MAD Metaverse is evolution. MAD Metascientists have the sole advantage of being able to transform the evolution of their super-organisms known as Metacells, all within their very own lab. Through these lab experiments MAD Metascientist owners are able to capitalize on superior character development and even revenue-generating opportunities, in particular, a tool they’ve designed called the Host Protocol, a powerful feature that allows users to directly transform their items and characters with their own 3rd party NFTs, giving them the ability to take on unique aesthetics in the form of their favorite digital assets, so no two Metascientists or Metacells will ever be the same/

As we mentioned before there are a number of ways for players to earn from their adventures within the MAD Metaverse. There are so many benefits for holders, so let’s explore some of these benefits for Metascientist holders.


Scientist staking that offers $MAD & $BIOMETA

Owners can stake their scientists to earn $MAD (DAO Token) and $BIOMETA (A resource used in the MAD Ecosystem)

Unique Scientist skill tree and options to enhance their value

While playing the game players can strengthen and develop the MAD Metascientist’s skills to further increase their value.

Special tools and weaponry built for Scientists

Specific tools/armor/weapons can be crafted and found through gameplay that ONLY Scientists can wield.

Put your Scientist Lab up for rent

Scientists can rent out lab features to other players (e.g. Metacell holders). Small fees are collected from players utilizing certain lab mechanics like the Host Protocol, Enhancers, and Boosters!

Airdrop priority

All Scientists receive prioritized airdrops of all additional NFT collections that are released within the MAD Metaverse.

Metacell Airdrop

All holders are airdropped with a free Metacell! MAD Metascientist holders also receive one FREE Metacell

Note: This gives Metascientists the opportunity to also gain all utility benefits that accompany Metacells holders.

Metacell and Nanocell holder staking rewards

Ownership of all three NFT sets (Metascientist, Metacell,and Nanocell) can boost staking rewards.

MAD Metacells

Mad Metacells having their own goals and ambitions led them to create their own methods of traversing the MAD Metaverse and providing value back to their holders.

Nanocell production

Metacells have the chance during evolution to split and create another form of NFT known as a Nanocell. Nanocells can be traded on the open market, giving Metacell holders a flow of revenue generation.

Evolution outcomes & rewards

During a Metacell split, Metacells can also earn $BIOMETA, in-game enhancers, boosters, NFTs, and More!

These are some of the rewards given to holders during the evolution process.

Enhance Metacell value

The more the Metacells you put through evolution and development the rare they become.

Boosting a Metacell with the Host Protocol

The Host Protocol will help boost your Metacell value and rarity!

There’s even more on our roadmap, including:

  • NFT Land sales
  • In-game items accessible and exchangeable on the open marketplace
  • Building metaverse items

The possibilities are endless and that’s without considering the fact that the MAD Metaverse is offering a truly immersive and in-depth player perspective that promises to offer users a never before seen gaming experience.

For more information check out our Lightpaper!



MAD Metascientists

10,200 Mad MetaScientists, randomized evolutionary outcomes, and a collaborative Metaverse for all #NFTs and Cryptos.