The Lab Series - Part II: Alpha Testing Overview

MAD Metascientists
4 min readJan 13, 2023

Creating artificial life with your MAD Metascientist is one of the main pillars of The Lab. The Metascientists, along with Metacells are the only ones with the capability of using every feature that The Lab has to offer.

The Lab is an interactive dashboard for users that allows them to evolve their Metascientists, Metacells, and Nanocells. It also lets players track their progress and view their in-game token balance and boosters. By securely connecting their wallet to The Lab, players who own a MAD NFT can access various features. The Lab offers a unique level of utility and interactivity that other platforms do not.

Alpha Testing The Lab

The Lab is ultimately the platform and central hub for everything and anything MAD, allowing users to access any new game releases, interact with new and old friends, and of course experiment with the MAD Ecosystem, it’s your home away from home and will provide you with everything you need to begin fully immersing yourself in one of the most anticipated Metaverse projects coming in 2023.

MAD is giving early adopters who own Metascientists or Metacells the opportunity to enter the Lab and take part in Alpha Testing, giving them a headstart in testing the ropes and getting ahead of the competition, or at least where evolution is concerned. Below you will find the scheduling for the release of features coming to the Lab.

The Lab Roster

  • Evolve — Launching 19/01/2023: Allows the user to view and advance their digital assets to the next stage of evolution once it has completed its current stage. This allows the user to continue the evolution process.
  • MergeTBA: The introduction of third-party NFTs will enable users to merge their Metacells with other projects, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and Cryptopunks, to accelerate the evolution process and unlock rare in-game items. This will provide users with new opportunities to advance their cells’ evolution and gain access to unique abilities.
  • BoostTBA: The evolution of cells can be accelerated by using external project tokens or cryptocurrencies, such as $ADA. This will provide a temporary boost to the rate of cell evolution, allowing users to advance their cells more quickly and unlock new abilities. This feature provides an exciting new way for users to enhance their cells and progress in the game.
  • $BIOMETATBA: The in-game token that also allows users to boost their MAD NFTs further can be purchased with fiat, earned in-game during the evolution process or from staking, it can then be used to enhance your gaming experience and even to purchase digital assets from the games marketplace, The Field.

Host Protocol: Release Date TBA

When a MAD Metascientist introduces a “host” NFT to their Lab, their Metacell will spontaneously interact with the host, resulting in the creation of a new, custom version of the host NFT with traits from the original Metacell, allowing users to develop their very own unique 1 of 1 NFTs based on their 3rd party collections.

These newly-minted NFTs can be reintroduced into the MAD Metaverse ecosystem through the Petri Dish to influence future evolutions and appearance, and can also be sold or traded with other players in The Field. This process allows users to create unique, customizable NFTs that can be used in various ways to enhance gameplay and provide users with a more unique appearance over other players.

Value Proposition

Owning a MAD Metascientist or Metacell doesn’t just offer you access to alpha testing The Lab, but also a whole host of other benefits including weekly payouts of $BIOMETA, full access to MAD Discord, exclusive giveaways and WL spots to amazing projects, staking, discounts on future MAD NFT mints and of course an amazing community. For a full list of benefits check out this medium article for Metascientists, and this one for Metacells

So How Do You Get Access To Alpha Testing?

Signing up for alpha testing The Lab is simple, you just simply have to hold one of the MAD NFTs, either a Metacell or Metascienitst, both of which can be obtained from Opensea. You’ll be able to access the platform from desktop or mobile, all you need is an Ethereum wallet, the Goerli testnet, some test Ethereum and you’re in! Once you have your MAD NFT, make sure you head to our Discord to verify your assets and start earning $BIOMETA.

MAD will be releasing the link to The Lab on the 19th of January via Twitter and Discord, we’ll see you there!

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