The Lab Series, Pt III: Metacell Evolution Times & Rewards (Alpha Testing + Mainnet)

MAD Metascientists
3 min readJan 19, 2023

For all the MAD Metascientists out there looking for some alpha, look no further

The Metacell Evolution algorithm

This randomized algorithm dictates the evolution rate of your Metacells. The timing of this evolution is determined by measuring “generations” which occur with every 100th block produced on the Ethereum blockchain. You can see what those times and probabilities are in the following tables.

Testnet Evolution Times

Testnet Evolution Times


Enhance your evolution experience with boosters, which can present themselves in the form of other ERC-20 tokens at any time. These act as in-game enhancement vials that boost features available in “The Lab,” such as forcing Metacell splits and increasing evolution speed.

Metascientist Skills

As a MAD Metascientist, certain levels and attributes can contribute to the rate of evolution. The more skilled or “MAD” the MAD Metascientist is, the more effective they will be at evolving their Metacells. During the early stages of Metacell ownership, these NFTs will be limited to “The Lab” until they become further evolved.

The Process

When you first enter The Lab, you will see your newly created Metacell available for evolution. By dragging and dropping your cell into the Petri Dish, you will journey through the evolution process and receive the first outcome of your first evolution. Most likely, you will see that your Metacell has changed a bit — it now has a stage and a “Time to the next evolution” timer.

Metacell Mutation

During the evolution process, there is a 95% probability of getting a regular or COMMON evolution, where the Metacell’s stage is increased and a higher stage is achieved. However, there is also a 5% probability of getting a SPLITTABLE type, where the Metacell could be split into a NanoCell, an Enhancer, or a certain amount of MAD token.

If you get the COMMON type, there is an additional layer of probabilities that determines the level to which your Metacell will be upgraded.

If you get the SPLITTABLE type, there are different probability rates for the outcome of the split.

The randomisation mechanism defines the next time to evolution using the following probability rates:

Once all functions and parameters are set according to the randomization mechanism, your cell is “evolved”. Be prepared for the next evolution to happen, my fellow MAD Metascientists!



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