Unlock Evolution and Resource Harvesting with MAD Metacells in the MAD Metaverse

MAD Metascientists
3 min readDec 27, 2022

Discover the self-evolving NFTs that hold the key to earning in-game currency and acquiring resources in MAD.

The Ecosystem

In the MAD ecosystem, there are tons of moving parts that all work together to achieve one common goal: acquiring valuable resources but importantly $Biometa! Now Biometa is used throughout the world of MAD for buying in-game items, but your Metacells can go on a quest and get it for you! These Metacells play a very important role in the MAD Metaverse so let’s dive in…


MAD Metacells are a unique NFT within the virtual world of the MAD Metaverse. These single-cell organisms evolve indefinitely, offering endless discovery for players. By collecting these MAD Metacells, players can earn the in-game currency $BIOMETA. These organisms have the potential to become sentient and even give birth to a new subspecies called MAD Nanocells. In addition to providing enjoyment and earning potential for players, MAD Metacells can also assist those in the role of Metascientists by helping them source and harvest resources throughout the MAD Metaverse, including $BIOMETA

In the world of the MAD Metaverse, MAD Metacells possess evolutionary attributes and traits. These NFTs exist alongside their MAD Metascientist and Nanocells which can evolve and adapt over time. As they grow and acquire new skills and physical forms, the value of the MAD Metacells can increase making them a desirable collectible for players. The self-evolutionary traits of MAD Metacells add an element of surprise and discovery as they transform and grow in unexpected ways.


Evolve: Metacell NFTs can adapt and evolve which will improve their skills and physical attributes over time. As they progress through the Metaverse, they will become smarter, stronger, and more efficient at harvesting resources. Watch them transform into Sentient Metacells!

Split: When evolving your Metacells there is a chance they will SPLIT into Nanocells. These playable NFTs are the only way to play the first game from MAD, Nanowars. They are built and armed with special traits and weapons that can be combined to build the ultimate team!

Merge: You will be able to MERGE some of your favorite 3rd party NFTs with us to create a truly unique and recognizable visual along with some great traits! You will be able to do this once you get access to The Lab

Trading: MAD Metacells can be sold on the markets, including the in-game marketplace known as The Field, their value will be heavily focused on their evolution stages, the higher the level, the bigger the payout.

Self-awareness: You can task Metacells with exploring the MAD Metaverse to search for valuable in-game resources! You can also find one of the most prized items in our ecosystem, the in-game currency $BIOMETA which is used to boost your evolution rate, create life, and buy items!

Remember that being a holder of ANY MAD NFT will grant you access to our upcoming alpha test on The Lab!

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MAD Metascientists

10,200 Mad MetaScientists, randomized evolutionary outcomes, and a collaborative Metaverse for all #NFTs and Cryptos.